*-*-* 90!!! *-*-*

My favourite celebratory beverage . . .

My favourite celebratory beverage . . .

Ninety days has come and gone!  As is my tradition, I’m celebrating with a tasty, festive beverage.  Well, perhaps the beverage itself isn’t so festive, but the way I’m consuming it sure is!

Nothing is impossible for those who are dedicated – it hasn’t been an easy journey and it’s certainly not over yet.

In many ways it feels like not much has changed, but I suppose that can be a good thing.  These 90 nut-free days have given much needed separation from and perspective on the nut-obsessed life.  For anyone who is struggling with overcoming something, 90 days away from it will do a lot of things.  You will miss it, certainly.  But being able to look back without a mental fog and analyse the situation is unbelievably helpful.

I had wanted to write more for today – but sometimes brevity is better.

Thanks to all my supporters, squirrels and otherwise!!


P. Squirrel out!



Santa Squirrel!

Santa Squirrel!


Wishing all my fellow squirrels (and followers of all species) a Merry Christmas!


The holidays are taking their toll on this squirrel!!!  I haven’t been able to get out of my nest and to a computer terminal because of the weather, so I’ve missed posting a few days.

Mother squirrel in her leaf nest.

Squirrel mom with her squirrel baby – how sweet!


I’m planning something for my 90 days spectacular – some kind of retrospective about what it means / feels like, etc.  To be honest, I’m a little bit disappointed that I didn’t get more done in Phase III.  I should focus on the positive part – I haven’t been using nuts.  But it just feels like Phase I and II were more significant, introspective, etc.

Maybe I just need to keep it fresh and get some more help.  All I know is I’m gonna keep hanging in there.


What are YOU looking at?

What are YOU looking at?

Wow . . . 8 days to go till I’m at 90 days.  Phase III will be at an end.  What that means, I’m not sure.  I suppose this is more about the journey, than the destination.

Photo credit: Nancy McCabe