Silly and Serious – or, Why don’t *I* have the day off?

Greetings squirrel lovers!  Not much going on today, as it’s a government holiday for many.  Unfortunately, this is delaying my new job situation by at least a day so I am going to spend a whole day just waiting for everyone to come back on Tuesday, so I can receive my official job offer.  I am trying to be a patient squirrel but it’s HARD!

So to distract myself I have a silly presentation, and a serious one.  Here’s my silly squirrel:

Miley Squirrel

Miley Squirrel

Either someone is feelin’ the heat, or they’ve been watching too much DVR’d Video Music Awards.  That Miley Cyrus is not a good influence for squirrels!

In my serious presentation, I wanted to highlight these websites: CARE INSTRUCTIONS FOR INFANT SQUIRRELS and  Both these sites provide helpful information for people who might find squirrels abandoned by their parents.  I personally have always wanted to help rehabilitate a squirrel – but I might be too tempted to keep it for a pet!  How could you resist their squirrely cuteness!

Mmm... tasty!

Mmm… tasty!


Naissance de L’ecureuil

For those who don’t know (and that includes me), naissance de l’ecureuil is how you refer to “baby squirrels” if you are French speaking.

In honour of all those baby-squirrel seekers from French Canada, France, and anywhere else French, here’s another cutie!

French baby squirrel

“I’m a French baby squirrel!”


The holidays are taking their toll on this squirrel!!!  I haven’t been able to get out of my nest and to a computer terminal because of the weather, so I’ve missed posting a few days.

Mother squirrel in her leaf nest.

Squirrel mom with her squirrel baby – how sweet!


I’m planning something for my 90 days spectacular – some kind of retrospective about what it means / feels like, etc.  To be honest, I’m a little bit disappointed that I didn’t get more done in Phase III.  I should focus on the positive part – I haven’t been using nuts.  But it just feels like Phase I and II were more significant, introspective, etc.

Maybe I just need to keep it fresh and get some more help.  All I know is I’m gonna keep hanging in there.


Squirrel dining on tasty milk.

Mmmm… that’s some tasty drink!

For my sixty-first day, I have a super cute squirrel being fed via oral syringe.  It’s really sweet how some humans will choose to raise baby squirrels that are left on their own!

It other news, this is my first post of the third phase.  So far so good!